About Gemma

GEMMA is a place of exploration and creativity.

GEMMA is a place of exploration and creativity. Like a living organism, it is constantly evolving. It is a place where everyone belongs, where everyone feels welcome and understood. A place where health and personal development take centre stage.

Our focus on interpersonal relationships and personal contact takes the idea of “working together with our clients” to a new level. At the same time, we intentionally choose to focus on the word “health” rather than “illness” because we believe that each and every one of us possesses the ability and the tools to heal ourselves, but that we may have a hard time accessing these tools during difficult times. We focus our attention on the resources you already have, not on your weaknesses.

We use our medical knowledge to guide you on your journey and we work together with you to find ways for you to live a fulfilling, self-determined life. Our guiding principle is “helping our clients help themselves”.

We ensure that all of our processes are completely transparent. Through open feedback discussions after our sessions, you as the client actively determine the direction your counselling will take.

About Stefanos Gkaitatzis

Stefanos Gkaitatzis is a medical doctor and specialist in psychiatry and psychotherapy (Facharzt für Psychiatrie und Psychotherapie).

Originally from North Macedonia and Greece, Stefanos studied medicine at Charité – Berlin University of Medicine. After graduating in 2013, Stefanos worked at a number of clinics in and around Berlin. It was during this time that Stefanos developed a keen interest in systemic therapy and pursued further education and training for three years as systemic consultant and therapist at the Gesellschaft für systemische Therapie (GST) in Berlin and the Tavistock Center in London.

Stefanos’ private practice is based in Frankfurt am Main where he offers systemic individual, couples and family therapy in four languages: German, English, Greek and Macedonian. In addition, Stefanos works as a doctor and therapist at the sysTelios Gesundheitszentrum in Wald Michelbach, a first-of-its kind psychosomatic therapy clinic in Germany that places a strong emphasis on systemic therapy and hypnotherapy.

When Stefanos is not occupied with therapy, he enjoys spending time with his family, experimenting with analog wire and music, reading philosophy and poetry, and being on the tennis court.